“While some elements of his literary persona may be apocryphal, the intensity and originality of Afrizal's writing is undoubtable. His poems are marked by repetition and variation, collage, parataxis, punning, dark humor, and alliteration. They often address Indonesia's colonial and postcolonial past and present through the objects and situations of day-to-day life in a perversely globalizing social climate, blurring the borders between embodied and semantic experience.”

“It’s a gift, I think, the ability to take queer space where you can find it. Yayoi Kusama dotting paint on her friends’ backs and on the surface of a pond; Liedy Churchman dipping a banana in ‘lavender-orchid’ paint and pressing it against a friend’s ass. The moments of high spirits that tide us over. Hail to thee, blithe spirit on your way to the demo, to the show.”

“Historians, instrumental actors on behalf of these and others in power, have always concentrated on the number of monuments that disappeared in this fire that, being things, are by definition as perishable as people themselves.
It is this quantitative marker of the monumental in place of the people that has defined Rome as eternal.”